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14 reports about 700-650-9971

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sandhillgal 10th Jun, 2012+0
He called, I didn't mean to answer, and when he said hello I hung up. I googled the number and saw what everyone was saying about it and I don't want this number to call me ever again!!
FAY 15th Apr, 2012+0
This number keeps calling, first it ask for my mother, and that its important they speak with her. They said they were the Dept. of Crime prevention, or something. I could understand the indian's accent. Then they called like at 7 in the morning, i diidnt answer, they keeped calling and let a message. This time they were calling for me, say it important I reach them. What the hell is up with this shit.
Donald E. MacDowell 6th Mar, 2012+0
Caller stating they were an arbitrator and going to send our file in a few days to the district attorney in our county. When confronted with questions, including the name of the company, after getting agressive with us on the phone, they hung up.
s.williams 28th Feb, 2012+0
This number will not stop calling I do not know how to get them to stop. I put myself off the telemarketing phone list. I hope that works
Kitty 27th Dec, 2011+0
They constantly call and i'm unsure as to who it is so I won't pick up. They never leave a voice message so it's hard to figure out.
Anne 23rd Dec, 2011+0
Called and left a message "hello...?" He didn't realize it was voice mail.
1badspook 21st Dec, 2011+0
Received 8 calles - evenings cost at 2.30 each. Found information via another with same problem: location: 14th Pl. and Glendale Ave
brettt 8th Dec, 2011+0
Extremely rude - called for contributions for paralyzed vets. When I asked to be taken off the list, he said I was definitely someone that needed to be called back. Then he hung up. Tried to call the number back but rings twice then disconnects. This is likely a scam.
royce young 1st Nov, 2011+0
I have recieved several calls from an Officer Mike Harris from financial invest bureau stating that I owe 400.00 and If I dont pay it he will sending an officer to arrest me and I will do jail time. He said I recieved a loan.I never did and he leave long messages saying my social security number will be affected and he will make sure I pay I am sick of these calls I have blocked this number but he uses several differnt numbers to get through. When you call the number it is a cell phone voicemail and it is the same number on the website he gave me cash advance world. I have seen several complaints this needs to stop.
Cheryl Ahuja 26th Oct, 2011+0
Tired of person/company call me..sometimes 2-3 a day......
Tired of these calls 11th Oct, 2011+0
it has called my sons cell so i called the number and it has automated person where u can block them from calling u or them calling u so i just added all my kids cell numbers plus home numbers to b sure im not agitated by them any far so good it worked no more calls from it to any of my families cells or our home numbers.
donrah 2nd Sep, 2011+0
They called and said i was going to jail if i didn't give them my debt crd number i thought that they were very rude and they could not be a law firm
marysol 13th Aug, 2011+0
frequently calls with no messaging
General Chan 27th Jul, 2011+0
This place called me several times asing for my daughter by her maiden name. When I questioned the man he gave me his name- Richard Westbrook- and refused to discuss the reason he was seeking my daughter. He claimed she had given my number in Wisconsin as a "callback number" when she lives in Kansas. As far as I know she has NEVER even set foot in Wisconsin. He then asked me to give him her home phone number to which I told him HELL NO! I told him not to call here again anf he apologized for disturbing my evening.

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